PNW Coastal Adventures: Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor

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West Coast Favorite: The Natural Bridges of Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor

The Northern West Coast is full of jaw-dropping views and destinations. Although we can't boast about warm weather beaches, we are always just an hour away from moody coastal ranges that look like they are out of a fairytale. One of our favorite treasures on the West Coast is none other than Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor natural bridges. This may be a well-known gem, but the magic it holds for new and returning visitors never fades. Come join us on our trip to Samuel H. Boardman, the home of the natural bridges!

Samuel H Boardman ocean view

Our Favorite Hikes Around Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor

Samuel H. Boardman holds a plethora of beautiful hikes within its 11-mile linear state park. A couple of our favorites are:

Secret Beach Trail: This quick hike takes you to two beautiful viewpoints and the beach, perfect for day trippers looking to quickly experience the arches in all their might!

Natural Bridges Viewpoint Trail: This trail is a quick in-and-out 15-minute walk boasting an incredible view of the arches. This is also one of the more popular trials due to its accessibility and length, so expect to be around many other people.

Natural Bridges Cove: Another quick hike to an amazing viewpoint, this trail is about half a mile and ends with a fantastic ocean view.

Thomas Creek Whaleshead Beach Trail: If you are looking for a longer hike, Thomas Creek Trail is a great option. Just over 3 miles, this hike holds more than just ocean views. You will enjoy forest, mountain, vegetation, and so much more in this diverse 2-3 hour adventure!


Samuel H Boardman Natural Bridge Ocean View
Samuel H Boardman Natural Bridge Ocean View

How To Find The Samuel H. Boardman Natural Bridges

Samuel H. Boardman Natural Bridges is easier to find than other gems scattered along the coastline. To find these arches, head about 17 miles south of Gold Beach until you hit mile marker 346 on Highway 1. Here you will find a parking lot with access to a viewpoint to the Samuel H. Boardman Natural Bridges

Within a 20-minute drive towards Brookings, you will find multiple parking lots to pull into. They all have access points to one long hiking trail with views of the arches and vast ocean constantly in view. Take the 18-mile hike in stride or tackle it in ¼ mile increments at chosen points, no matter how you choose to enjoy Samuel H. Boardman Natural Bridges you are guaranteed an amazing experience.


Samuel H Boardman Natural Bridge

Samuel H. Boardman Natural Bridges: Explore With Caution

Many online sources don't include the word of caution when it comes to exploring past the viewpoints made accessible to the public. Some trails lead down to the bridges, letting you stand on top of them and get closer to the natural beauties, and are all strictly closed to the public. If you decide to venture past for the Instagram photo opp like many do, be warned that these trails are not safe and are not appropriate for amateur hikers, pets, or children. 

There is an abundance of beauty to experience from the Samuel H. Boardman Natural Bridges at the public access points. If you do not want to risk a dangerous slip on the forbidden trail then stick to the parks and trails closer to land. The Samuel H. Boardman Natural Bridges are giant and clearly visible even from the parking lot. For more information on hiking around the Samuel H Boardman Scenic Corridor, check out this page from Oregon State Parks!


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